Roasted Squash, Ginger & Chilli Soup

squash ginger and chilli soup recipe

Prep Time: 15 minutes                      Cooking Time: 40 minutes


• Squash (medium sized)
• Garlic x 4 cloves
• Onion x 1
• Fresh Ginger x 1 thumb sized piece
• Chilli Pepper x 1-2 (to taste)
• Organic Vegetable Stock x 2 ltrs
• Coconut Oil x 3 Tsp
• Butter x 1 Tsp

Set your oven to 180 Degrees / Gas Mark 4.

Start by using a sharp knife and removing the top and bottom from your Squash. Set flat side down and using your knife remove the outer skin.

Slice up into 1.5 cm slices removing any seeds. Now dice up into cubes around 1.5 cm in diameter.

Wash under a cold tap and place on a baking tray.

Peel 4 Garlic Cloves and add to the baking tray along with 3 tsp of Coconut Oil.

Place into the oven and allow to roast for around 2-3 minutes (this will melt your Coconut Oil) remove from the oven and give it all a good mix. Place back into the oven, leaving to roast for around 25 – 28 minutes.

Peel and roughly chop your onion. Then peel and finely chop the Fresh Ginger along with an amount of Chillies to your preference.

Using a large pan add 1 tsp of Butter on a medium heat, allow to melt before adding the Onion, Ginger and Chilli, soften for around 5 minutes stirring constantly.

When your Squash and Garlic have been roasting for 25 – 28 minutes remove from the oven and place straight into the large pan.

Make your stock using 2 Organic Stock Cubes and around 2 litres of boiling water.

Add this to the pan with your ingredients in and bring to a boil before reducing down to a gentle simmer. Leave to simmer for around 10 minutes.

Using either a hand held stick blender or other blender mix all the soup into a smooth consistency.

Depending on your tolerance to heat you can try serving this with 1 spoon of crème fraiche to soften the chilli heat.

This recipe will make enough to last a few days so it’s time to get the Tupperware out and freeze whatever is left over ready for those times when a quick meal is needed.

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