Welcome to Real Food Func.

Been on every diet going and not got anywhere?

Struggling for energy throughout the day?

Embarrassed by your weight and appearance?

Want to stay fit and strong to stop the ageing process taking over?

Then you’re in the right place!

Real Food Function was setup by Jon Hodgkinson. Jon is a Personal Trainer and Real Food advocate that has spent the last 10 years working and studying within the field of health, fitness & nutrition.

Having successfully helped many people regain control over their health habits to stay fit, strong and healthy Jon decided to focus on what he believes drives results to help you regain control of a busy lifestyle… engaging with Real Food in a non-complicated way.

With a formula for building healthy and long lasting habits that will fit your busy routine you’ll find success is well within your reach.

By combining the role of food in developing your health along with an understanding of how and where to source it from without breaking the bank, Jon will give you exactly what you need to take back control and stride forwards to establish a new way of thinking about food that doesn’t involve the word diet!